Congressman Jones, Taxpayers Weigh In On Fiscal Cliff

Third District Republican Congressman Walter Jones says if Congress would have dealt with the problems facing our nation, we wouldn't have a fiscal cliff.

Congressman Jones comments came Thursday as the deadline to reach a deal or face automatic spending cuts and tax hikes is only days away.

President Barack Obama will meet with Congressional leaders at the White House Friday. Even so, there is plenty of concern here in the east. Richard Weir is a teacher and says, "I worry any cuts like that may affect education. That's my livelihood, and also we have to have a strong educational system."

James Huffman told us, "It seems like we have an insatiable appetite to spend more money then as for the debt ceiling to be raised- that's not the way to fix it."

Congressman Jones says the real fix will take time, but they have to start with compromise. Jones says, "The people in eastern North Carolina are tired of a Congress that is dysfunctional.

With no one willing to bend, Jones says the best we can hope for now is something we've seen before: A deadline extension.

Congress is back in session this Sunday.