Congressman Jones: No Boots On The Ground In Iraq

Two battles are raging in Iraq, one over political power, the other battle between Kurdish forces and ISIS militants.

Eastern North Carolina Republican Congressman Walter Jones is expressing his strong views for U.S. combat forces not to re-enter the country.

U.S. airstrikes are continuing in support of Kurdish fighters in the northern parts of Iraq and towards the east.

So far, over the weekend, the Kurdish fighters have been able to retake two towns.

Tuesday, a senior U.S. Defense official said that the Pentagon is considering sending more military advisers to Iraq.

But as for "boots on the ground," Congressman Jones feels strongly that's not a good idea.

Jones says, "No. I have worked with my Democrats in the House of Representatives - Jim McGovern (D-MA) being one of them, Barbara Lee (D-CA) and when I look at all the money and the loss of life in Iraq, I think we should let the Middle East take care of their own problems."