Concern Over Possible Rabid Foxes In Trent Woods

The Trent Woods Police Chief is warning his community about sick foxes in the area after several had to be euthanized.

Chief Tony Lee says Craven County Animal Control has been called out for at least seven sick gray foxes foaming at the mouth and disoriented in the area around Greenleaf Cemetery. They were picked up and put to sleep.

The latest call was Sunday about a sick fox in a yard on Meadowbrooke Drive.

Trent Woods Animal Control department is concerned the animals may have rabies, which can be spread to humans. He says the cold weather has forced them out if the woods and into neighborhoods.

Chief Lee says, "Some of the foxes were actually laying on the ground appearing to have spasms or seizures or tremors. Some of the foxes were walking around in circles. One of them actually walked into the side of the car walking backwards in circles and just a general sick appearance."

Chief Lee says it's not required to test the foxes for rabies, unless they bite someone or another animal, so they're not sure if the ones that were euthanized did have the disease.

Animal control says they may also have distemper, which can wipe out a fox population quickly. Lee says do not go near a fox if you see one, call police.