New DNA Lab In Greenville Holds Open House

A company is unveiling new technology that won't only bring new jobs to eastern carolina, but it'll also help solve crimes.

The Genome I.D. group opened its center for advanced forensic D.N.A. analysis in Greenville back in May. Wednesday it held an open house to give tours of the lab and building.

Assistant Secretary of Commerce Pat Mitchell spoke with us about the impact that jobs in advanced technology could have on the area, and how the company will try to implement programs for students at E.C.U. and P.C.C. We also spoke with CEO Michael Heffernan about why the company chose to locate here.

"We choose Greenville because it's close to a great university, it's close to a great medical complex, it's not far from Raleigh and the R.T.P. Area," said Heffernan

Heffernan says they've worked with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office and Greenville Police, bringing detectives in to see the abilities of the equipment to profile someone in order to solve cases. The center currently has 10 employees. They are expected to expand to more than 100 employees in the future.

PREVIOUS STORY November 25, 2013

A state-of-the-art laboratory has opened in Greenville that will eventually bring more than 100 jobs to city.

The Genome ID Group has opened the advanced forensic DNA lab in Greenville.

The company currently employs 10 people at its Executive Park Circle location, but plans to expand to 130 employees.

The company is known for developing practical applications for advanced DNA analysis methods.

The project was a joint effort between Pitt County and the city of Greenville with support from the NC Biotechnology Center.