Community College Asks Lawmakers To Raise Employee Salaries

The board of trustees at a local community college is calling on state legislators to raise pay across North Carolina.

The Carteret Community College Board of Trustees has asked for at least a 2% raise for all community college employees in our state. The board adopted a resolution requesting a raise that is equal to other state employees.

Board Chairman Mitch Mangum says salaries for local staff and faculty are 31% below the national average. Mangum says employees have not seen a raise in 7 years.

"No matter how much you love your job, you're still looking for a way to support your family," says Mangum. "We all understand we are going through a tough time, but these are the people laying the foundation for our students, for our community and throughout the state."

The Board of Trustees says Governor Pat McCrory already requested a 1% raise, but that they'd like to see at least 2%.

Carteret Community College is hoping other community colleges across North Carolina will adopt similar resolutions.