NEW INFO: Common Core Could Be History With Governor's Support

New rigorous standards of teaching are now under review, thanks to a bill Governor Pat McCrory says he'll sign to study the Common Core. Legislators approved the bill on Thursday.

Common Core is a standard educators say will help prepare students for college and careers. North Carolina implemented Common Core in 2010 and because of its more rigorous course study, the state saw a drop in math and english test scores.

The state spent $60 to $70 million in order to prepare teachers for the new standards, according to Becky Taylor. Taylor is one of the state's school board members.

While Taylor believes it's a good idea to have a committee look into Common Core, she doesn't expect anything to change before students return to school this fall.

"First of all, teachers and parents, everyone needs to know it will not be an overnight upheaval of the standards," Taylor says. "Things are going to move along, just as they have in the past, and we need that for stability."

A committee will be formed to see if Common Core should be customized to the needs of students in our state. There's no timeline on when that will happen.
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The controversial curriculum called "Common Core" is now one step closer to the history books in North Carolina.

Governor Pat McCrory signaled he would sign a compromise bill which the House passed Wednesday and the Senate signed off on last week.

The House approved the bill, 71-34, to rewrite the statewide curriculum to better tailor it for North Carolina students.

Common Core, which schools began testing two years ago, would remain in place until the new standards are completed.

The curriculum standards were developed by the nation's governors and school chiefs and have been approved by more than 40 states.

However, North Carolina and a handful of other states are responding to complaints from teachers, parents and conservative advocates that the standards are causing confusion and leading to the use of curriculum that is age inappropriate.