Cold Weather Safety Tips

As temperatures dip into the teens, some residents are cranking up the heat and bringing out space heaters.

While it is important to stay warm, Greenville Fire/Rescue says people need to be careful as to how they heat their home.

Mekenzie Cox with Greenville Fire/Rescue says January is the peak month for space heater fires.

Cox says, "Try to look for one that has some safety features, such as an automatic off switch in case the space heater gets turned over."

Also, Greenville Fire/Rescue says space heaters should be plugged directly into the wall, not an extension cord. The cord can get over loaded and start a fire.

As residents purchase items like extra heaters, local hardware stores are seeing a spike in business.

Steven Kirby, the Assistant Store Manager at Lowe's Hardware in Greenville, says their stores have stayed busy since Friday.

Kirby says, "We've been selling a lot of space heater, electric heaters, the oil fill heaters, heat lamps and outside spicket covers."