Cold Nights Have Strawberry Farmers Taking Precautions

The cold overnights have strawberry farmers taking precautions to protect their tender plants.

Overnight lows the next few night nights are expected right around the freezing mark.

That's why farmers at "Strawberries on 903" in Winterville spent the day covering their new blooms with white tarps.

Owner Mike Skinner says the tarps are vital to the survival of their blooming strawberries. They say, the tarps will protect the crops from frost and keep them about 7 degrees warmer than air temperature. Skinner says, "Our crop is at a very fragile stage now. We've got a fair amount of blooms coming and anything below 34 degrees can really damage those blooms and what have you so you really want to keep those protected."

Skinner says so far, it looks like their strawberry season will start right on time this year, meaning the berries will be ready to be picked by mid April.