Cold & Snow Has People Dreaming Of Warmer Climates

As East Carolina University students walked to class all bundled up in Wednesday, many of them have one thing on their minds. Sunny spring break locations.

Abbie Vining said, "Definitely thinking about how I wish it was spring break. I wish it was summer. Anything better than it being in the twenties and snowing."

Zachary Stott said, "For spring break I'll probably go to Panama City."

Rodney Johnson told us, "I've heard a lot of talk about people wanting to go to Florida."

The Triple-A Travel Agency in Greenville is busy booking trips for people looking for an escape from this snowy weather.

AAA branch manager Brenda Cummings says, "They are ready for spring, they are ready for sunshine. We've had interest in Mexico, we've had interest in the Caribbean, the Dominican, St. Lucia, the Bahamas."

Others told us they're hoping the snow doesn't impact their driving as they head to Miami to get on a cruise ship headed for Key West and Cozumel.