Coffee With Cops In Beaufort

A new program in Carteret County is aimed and making you feel comfortable with cops.

The Coffee With A Cop program is relatively new, and allows officers to sit and have a cup of coffee with area residents.

Erin Dawson couldn't pass up some brew with the men in blue. She says, "Some of the cops came in and they were handing out these brochures. I thought it was really intriguing to see that the Beaufort Police were going to host this coffee session to talk about the community. I'm fairly new to Beaufort so I wanted to come and meet wonderful people and find out what's going on in this great community."

This is the second time officers have treated folks from Beaufort to a cup of joe. The purpose of the program is for police and locals to come together to talk about community issues and build a positive relationship.

Coffee With A Cop is a national program featured in 175 different cities.

The program started in Beaufort in January and moves to a new location each month.