Coast Guard Steps Up Patrols For Illegal Activity In Crystal Coast Waters

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Hundreds of people with the day off climbed aboard their boats July 4th to enjoy our Crystal Coast. Much like police are keeping an extra eye out for safety on our roads, the Coast Guard is stepping up patrols on the water this busy holiday.

We checked in with the the coast guard in Emerald Isle stopping boaters. By noon Thursday, coastguardsmen had already boarded about 20 boats to make boaters were obeying laws.

"When we board a vessel we're making sure they have their life jackets on board, a portable PFD, something they can throw overboard in case someone falls off, sound signaling device. If it's at night we want to make sure their nav lights are working and generally all the safety things. The other thing we're looking for is if someone is consuming alcohol. The legal limit for operating a vessel is .08, same as a car. So we're out here to enforce that," said BM1 Colin Smith.

The coast guard planned to patrol crystal coast waters all night Thursday, especially during fireworks and then all weekend long as well.