Sailboat Captain: Old Chart Caused Him To Run Aground Off Emerald Isle

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A capsized sailboat was still crashing along the shoals in Carteret County Thursday after the three men aboard the ship had to be rescued. The 26 foot sailboat Selah ran aground about 6:00 p.m. Wednesday. The owner of the boat, Chris McHugh from Beaufort told the Coast Guard he was using an old chart and was going through what he thought was a channel when he ran aground.

The Selah started taking on water off of Emerald Isle in Bogue Inlet. The Coast Guard headed out on 2 boats, but the sailboat was shallow, and getting too close would have been dangerous. Crew member Tim Ryan tied himself to the Coast Guard boat and jumped in the water to help.

"I immediately told them that they were going to be okay. They were tethered together the three of them, so they did not break away from each other. I immediately grabbed onto them and you could tell they felt more relieved. I then signaled to the crew member to start pulling us in," said Coastguardsman Ryan.

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Three men were rescued by the Coast Guard after their sailboat ran aground and started taking on water.

Men were traveling from Morehead City to Myrtle Beach. Coast Guard officials say they were using an old chart to navigate the Bogue Inlet. They thought they were going through a channel, but ran their 26-foot sailboat aground.

A bystander saw the accident and called authorities around 6 p.m.

Conditions were too hazardous for the Coast Guard's 45 foot and 24 foot boats that responded to reach the men. A Coast Guardsmen waded through the choppy waters to bring the crewmen from the grounded boat to safety.

All three men aboard the sailboat were checked out by EMS and are OK.

We're told the boat owner is from New Jersey.