Classic Toys- Barbies, Hot Wheels Still Kids' Christmas Favorites

During the Christmas season many kids and their parents have one thing on their mind- toys. Kids are trying to decide what toys they want and parents are trying to find those toys and buy them.

WITN's Brittany Gunter talked with parents, kids, and some toy store employees in Greenville to find out what some of the most popular toys are in Eastern Carolina this year.

It is the moment every kid looks forward to on Christmas day. They open a gift and discover it is the toy they have been wanting all year. Every year there are certain toys that are more popular than others.

So what are kids in Eastern Carolina are wishing for this year?

10-year-old Sidney Peaden says a Nerf gun is on the top of his list. He's so excited for Christmas morning. He already has a plan of action.

"I normally wake up around 4 or 5 o'clock and a lot of times I have to get an air horn and blow it so my parents will wake up," said Sidney.

Also popular with boys: Hot Wheels cars and Legos.

For younger kids Rock and Roll Mickey has been flying off the shelves. Even Sesame Street character Elmo has added a set of drums.

For girls, there are several dolls that are popular. Amelia Moore says she wants a LIV doll.

"You can take off their wigs and switch them and they come with animals," Amelia explained.

Dora the Explorer dolls, La La Loopsy dolls, Barbies, and American Girl dolls are also on many wishlists.

Another popular item is Fur Real toys. You can have a pet dog or cat, but with a lot less work.

The Angry Birds have gone from your cell phone to a board game.

Also popular this year are toys or dolls based on movies, like Twilight or Transformers.

Then there are always the classics that some kids can't go without including bikes.

Many parents say they try their best to try to track down that special toy, but sometimes it can be tough. Parents say they'll work hard to make their kids wishes come true because they want their kids to have that special moment so that they too can feel the joy of watching them in their excitement.