Groundhog Doesn't See His Shadow, But Carolina Could See Snowflakes

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On a cold morning where temperatures were registering the single digits through Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil came out of his hole and did not see his shadow this Saturday. As the folklore goes, this would indicate an early start to Spring. However, the forecast for tonight calls for anything but spring-like conditions.

Lows Saturday morning bottomed out in the teens through a few locations and below freezing through all of eastern Carolina. Under a much calmer northerly wind, highs will only reach the lower to middle 40s by this afternoon. Normal highs for this time of year typically range between 48° and 52°.

Mostly sunny skies will return on Sunday with highs close to 50°. Winds will be light through the weekend.

Tonight's Rain/Snow Chances

Coastal: There will be slight risk for a brief period of light rain mixed with a few snowflakes Saturday night but most locations will remain dry. Locations closest to the ocean will see the best chance at precipitation (40%) and all will come down as rain. Temperatures will fall to the mid 30s overnight.

Inland: Those west of highway 17 have a low chance of precipitation (30%) and a few snowflakes may be visible. No accumulation will occur as ground temperatures are too warm. Accordingly, temperatures will remain just above freezing so we do not anticipate any travel problems come Sunday morning.

How do we determine what kind of precipitation will fall? Check out this week's World of Weather video:

Determining Winter Precipitation