WATCH VIDEO: Child Crusader Looks Back

(WVTM) Sunday will mark the 50th anniversary of the 16th Street Church Bombing In Birmingham, Alabama.

Four little girls who were inside the church were killed.

Earlier that year in may, hundreds of school students marched in Birmingham during the city's American Civil Rights Movement campaign.

As they marched downtown to talk to the mayor about segregation in the city they were attacked with fire hoses and police dogs.

Gloria Randall was one of them.

"It was a horrific time. It was a time of horror. It was time to be afraid. It was a time of injustice. It was a time of inequality," she says. "We were children and we were willing to die before we would allow ourselves to be treated like our parents."

Randall was a "child foot soldier".

50 years later it's still hard for her to walk through Kelly Ingram Park, where so many children encountered unimaginable violence.

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