Cherry Point Demonstrates Robot Technology

Robots were critical in the capture of the Boston marathon bombing suspect just last week, and Friday the Cherry Point bomb disposal team showed us how they train with similar robots.

The bomb disposal team at Cherry Point says they hardly ever use the robots here in the east, however they do use them when it comes to fighting on the front line,

The team at Cherry Point in Havelock trains weekly with three robots. Each robot specializes in different missions.

The three main missions they use these robots for are examining vehicles, buildings and houses during war. Occasionally they will get the local call for things like a suspicious package.

Gunnery Sergeant Bernard Coyne says these robots are what keep his team from getting seriously injured. Coyne says, "Were not down there near the explosives and sometimes you don't have a robot with you or you have expended your robot and you have to walk down there yourself and that's one of the scariest feelings in the world."

The bomb disposal team says in the past several years they have never responded to any suspicious car bombs in the east, however they have responded to suspicious packages.