State Gives Approval For Two Charter Schools To Open In Pitt County In 2015

The NC State Board of Education gave its approval Thursday for 11 more charter schools to open next year, including two in Pitt County.

Ignite Innovation Academy in Pitt County is now slated to open in august of 2015, as is Patriot Academy.

Chairmen Steve Hale and David Edwards previously told us once they got approval from the state, the school would move into a planning phase for a year before opening their doors.

Ignite Innovation Academy describes itself this way on its Facebook page:

Wouldn’t you like for your child to be in a school that provides the following?
- Safe learning environments
- Competency-based education rather than being taught to the “test”
- Effective student-teacher ratio (no greater than 18:1)
- Flexible scheduling that balances academics and family responsibilities
- Access to and use of the latest technology tools for teaching and
- World language and cultural enrichment starting in elementary school
- A personalized learning plan geared towards the student’s interests
- Student health and wellness culture that nurtures the mind, body and spirit
- Hands-on, community-focused, project-based learning curriculum
- A strong, character-based, leadership development focus for all learners
Ignite Innovation Academies provides all of this and much more!

No word yet on where in the county the school may located.

Meanwhile, Mitch Gay lives of Greenville says he decided to team up with the National Heritage Academy to create the Patriot Charter Academy.

Gay says, "I think parents will greatly benefit from having another option as it relates to public school. Certainly we have some private school options that's not always accessible to every parent in the community."

The Patriot Academy would be a K-8, college preparatory school with a focus on the common core curriculum.

There's no location on where the academy will be, but we're told they're looking for a place close to Greenville.

You can click on the related link for the application from both schools.