Cat Missing For 5 Months Returned To Greenville Family

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It was a holiday miracle for one family in the east after their missing pet cat returned home, months after it was lost.

The Taha family of Greenville says they're relieved that after 5 months their cat named Ninja was found and returned to them. In July, the cat escaped from a friend's house while the family was on vacation. After months of searching, the family was beginning to lose hope. A few weeks ago they received a call from Joanne Elkins with Saving Graces 4 Felines saying she found their cat. It turns out, Ninja came up to her in October and has been staying with her since.

"He recognized us immediately! He jumped on me, he started purring, he looked at me as if to tell me, where have a you been," said Ninja's owner Sharif Taha.

Taha says Ninja quickly returned to his normal routine at home. As you can imagine, they are incredibly thankful to have him back