Carteret & Craven Counties Announce Snow Make-Up Days

Two more counties have announced how they will make-up missed school days because of last week's snow.

Craven County missed five days.

The school board has now made February 17th and March 17th instructional days. They had been teacher workdays.

Also, two half days--February 14th and March 14th--will now be full school days. For the rest of the missed hours they will use "banked" hours which were already written into their school calendar.

In Carteret County, the normal class day is being extended by 14 minutes.

Schools there were closed for four days.

Last night the school board voted to add the extra time to each school day, starting February 18th.

Also, February 17th will be changed from a workday to an early release day, and April 18th will switch from an early release day to a full day.

Carteret County says principals at each school will announce by Monday how the extra 14 minutes will be added at their schools.