Carteret County Food Bank Urges Donations Still Needed After Holidays

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Can by can, box by box, the volunteers at Martha's Mission Cupboard in Morehead City load up boxes and bags of food for people like Ken Gobble and his family.

"We went to social services and talked to the lady about getting food stamps down here and she gave us a voucher to come to Martha's Mission," said Gobble.

That's the only way people can come and get necessities at Martha's Mission.

WITN was at the food bank in November when many churches and organizations were donating. Executive Director Martha Bell says after that story several people called to donate. They even got a huge check.

"We've got twice in December what we normally get," said Bell. "We got a $10,000 check from Potash Corp in Aurora that we would not have gotten I don't believe, and I am just thrilled we ended up with over $30,000 in December. "

Donations have taken a downturn in January like they do every year, but the need hasn't. Martha's mission fed about 7,600 people in 2012. With people still out of work, that number isn't likely to go down.

"I got laid off from work back in October.. haven't been able to find a job. Then the situation snowballed: lost my transportation, my daughter was murdered a year an a half ago, and so we're all in a bad position and this is a God send having a place to come get some food when the kids are hungry," said Gobble.

You can donate to Martha's Mission Cupboard at 901 Bay Street in Morehead City, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the corner of Ninth and Bay Streets.