Carteret County Family Cleaning Up Following Tornado

A family in Carteret County spent Thursday cleaning up after their homes were in the path of an EF1 tornado that touched down in Beaufort Wednesday.

Beverly Turner says it was a scary few minutes for her and her husband Randy who were inside their home when the twister went through their backyard. She says, "I felt like the roof was coming off and I thought this is a tornado and I rolled up in my comforter and rolled to the floor."

Turner says, "To me the amazing thing is it broke tops out of pine trees and they landed in our yard and barely missed the back of our house and to take his boat, a piece of metal. You know you hear the stories but who would have thought it would have happened here."

Randy's mother's yard was scattered with debris as well. Randy had just moved his boat there from Craven County to use this weekend, but it was severely damaged.

While the Turner's home, Randy's sister's home and their mother's home all had minor damage, they're all thankful no one was injured.

Beverly Turner says, "It's a very big blessing none of us were hurt and that was a gift from the Lord."