Carteret County Beachgoers Unhappy With Cold Spring Break

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We hit the beach at Emerald Isle Friday with high temperatures in the 50's, and ran into lots of people with heavy coats, gloves, and hats in the middle of March who last year were in their swimsuits and shorts.

The Weather Service says we're running about 20 degrees below normal right now, and it will stay that way through next week. We spoke to one woman who came to Carteret County to escape the cold days of Maryland.

"The groundhog is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. He promised us we would have an early spring and man this is just not living up to it," said Donna Gmys.

She's not the only one mad at that lying groundhog who saw his shadow February 2nd predicting an early spring. In Ohio's Butler County, a prosecutor there has "indicted" Phil, charging him with "misrepresentation of spring."