Carteret Community College Closed Wednesday Due To Wind Damage

Carteret Community College says a violent windstorm struck the campus in Morehead City Tuesday about 10:30 p.m. causing extensive damage to buildings, trees, and vehicles, but no serious injuries.

Carteret Community College says it will be closed Wednesday with the exception of maintenance, grounds, and custodial employees.

“Right now we are closing the campus to only essential workers involved in recovery and clean up,” said Dr. Kerry Youngblood, president of the college. “Safety is our main concern. There’s a lot of debris and some power lines are down.”

Carteret Community College will be closed through the Thanksgiving holiday.

A press release from the college says the student center and Historic Camp Glenn Building are damaged and part of the roof was torn off the building used for the college’s Basic Law Enforcement Training.

“We took quite a hit,” said Joe Rufra, director of Basic Law Enforcement Training at the college. “We have live power lines down, windows broken, and lots of tree damage. But we are thankful it wasn’t worse. We had students leaving for the night. One of our BLET students was struck by flying debris, but wasn’t seriously injured.”

The Crystal Coast Civic Center suffered window damage as well from the windstorm, and a new college vehicle was damaged also from flying debris.