Carteret Co. School Board Opposes Change To Teacher Tenure

In 2013, State legislators passed a law requiring districts to choose 25% of its teachers and offer them four-year contracts, which would effectively end their tenure.

Those who accept the contracts would get bonuses of $500 the first year, and an additional $500 each year of the contract. That translates to $1,000 in the second year, $1,500 the third year, and $2,000 the fourth.

This week, Carteret County School Board members voted unanimously to ask the General Assembly to repeal the 25% contract law and develop a more effective long-term plan for teachers.

School Board member John McClean says, "It's insulting."

Teacher Opal Bostic says, "We need to find a better way."

School Board members say it's already hard enough to recruit and retain good teachers, because there's only been one pay raise for teachers in recent years. That raise was just a little more than 1%.

In Onslow County, the school district approved a plan to go forward with implementing the new law, but Spokeswoman Suzie Ulbrich says the board does not think the state law is fair.

In September, Ulrich says the Onslow County School Board adopted a resolution asking for salaries to be increased to be in line with the national average.

Governor Pat McCrory says he is also looking at whether he'd like changes to that law phasing out job protections for teachers.

The Governor says there is legislation in the works to raise starting teacher salaries from $30,800 to $35,000. The legislation is expected to come up in Raleigh in May.