COLD CASE: 22 Years Later, No Arrests In Beaufort County Murder

Friday marks a somber anniversary for a local family: the anniversary of a man's murder. No one has ever been charged.

It was 22 years ago on August 8th when a killer attacked Calvin Bynum of Beaufort County.

Investigators said the man was severely beaten and left for dead off Highway 33.

Family members said Bynum was sleeping at his seafood store to prevent robberies when he was attacked.

Detectives said they had information leading to potential suspects, but never enough to culminate in an arrest. The case is now considered inactive.

Investigators said while the case may have gone cold, the best hope for solving it is to keep it present in people's minds.

If you have information that could help deputies solve the case, you are asked to call the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office at (252) 946-7111.