Budget Closes Kinston Highway Patrol Hangar, Williamston Comm Center

NC Department of Public Safety

Local law enforcement agencies say they are likely now down two valuable tools after the state budget was approved by the House and Senate.

Cuts to the state budget include two of the North Carolina Highway Patrol Air Wing hangars.

The two hangars set to close include one in Kinston and another in Asheville.

The two hangars remaining open are in Raleigh and Salisbury, and those two will likely now serve the entire state. The state says it will save just over $900,000 in a two year period by closing the two hangars.

Another cut to the Highway Patrol will be communication centers. The Troop A Communications Center in Williamston will close August 26th, while the patrol will dispatch calls to most of Eastern Carolina from Raleigh.

The Department of Public Safety says six positions from Williamston will be transferred to Raleigh.

The final state budget has been approved by the House and Senate and will be finalized once Governor Pat McCrory signs on the dotted line.