Break-Ins Reported In Greenville Neighborhood After Extra Patrols Taper Off

Extra patrols are gone from a Greenville neighborhood that saw stepped up patrols following a murder earlier this year, and apparently the criminals have noticed.

There have been two home break-ins recently on Westpointe Drive.

Samantha Grier returned from vacation to find her back door kicked in and some of her possessions missing.

According to police reports, another apartment on Westpointe Drive was also broken into Thursday where a number of electronics were reported missing.

Back in January Greenville Police set up the mobile crime unit and heavily patrolled the Westpointe area for several days after a shooting on Westgate Drive and a murder on Westridge Court happened in the same week.

Sergeant Joe Friday said, "Our presence naturally suppressed a lot of things. Naturally, that has had to taper off and we are using that model in other areas in the city. You know, just because you don't see an officer all the time is not an indication that we are not there."

Friday says both break-ins are being treated as related and both are still under investigation.