Bounce House Flying Through The Air Has ENC Parents Talking

The story of the inflatable bounce house, picked up by the wind and thrown through the air with three children inside in New York, has parents everywhere talking about the safety of the toys.

Jerry Abrams of Abrams Catering & Amusements IN Tarboro works with these houses on a daily basis.

Of the one that blew into the air in New York, Abrams says, "It actually didn't look real -- it was just so mind boggling that it looked so high.

Police say that the store bought inflatable was staked into the ground with plastic stakes -- but even so -- Abrams says that wet soil and other factors can still create a dangerous situation.

With the commercial ones he uses that weigh 250 pounds, Abrams says, "The manufacturer requires if winds exceed 15 mph -- to shut it down."

Abrams says when the bounce houses are staked into the ground they are actually pretty hard to move -- you take the stakes out though -- and the houses can easily lift off the ground.

Abrams says that in North Carolina -- rentals like his are inspected once a year. He says he's never had any issues like the one in New York -- and stands by the bounce houses being safe entertainment when the rules are followed.