"Booze It & Lose It" Kicks Off Across NC

The statewide enforcement campaign dedicated to saving lives by reducing the number of Driving While Impaired offenses kicks off Friday all across the state.

The "Booze It & Lose It" campaign zeros in on drunken drivers using innovative and extensive anti-driving while impaired (DWI) enforcement and education.

Sobriety checkpoints are continually set up in all North Carolina counties as part of the state's anti-drunk driving campaign.

Law enforcement officers will use six mobile breath-alcohol testing units, better known as BAT-Mobiles, to increase the efficiency of on-site DWI processing. Each BAT-Mobile is equipped with workstations for Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test instruments, cellphones, computers, officers' workstations, magistrates' work area, and all other necessary equipment and supplies for processing DWI suspects.

The most recent statistics show that about one third of all driving fatalities in North Carolina are related to impaired driving.

The campaign continues through the July 4th holiday.