Air Force Bomb Detector Dog Wounded In Action Retires

The U.S. Air Force today honored an explosives detection dog Charlie at the German shepherd's retirement after 10 years of military service.

Charlie's retirement celebration happened this morning at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

Fourth Fighter Wing Commander Col. Jeannie Leavitt praised Charlie for going where no service member could in order to provide a safe and secure environment during military operations.

Charlie is the recipient of a Purple Heart certificate for the shrapnel wounds he received during his service in Afghanistan in 2011.

The canine hero is being adopted by Staff Sgt. Benjamin Seekell, his handler with the 4th Fighter Wing Security Forces Squadron,

Seekell lost a leg during the 2011 explosion in which Charlie was injured.

Charlie was deployed seven times to Afghanistan.

He'll now go through some basic training at the base until he's ready to relax in retirement, chasing birds and squirrels like other dogs.