Bogus Yellow Pages Invoices Target Small Businesses

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Business owners, be on guard. Scammers are using the Yellow Pages name to cheat you out of serious cash.

It's called the 'Yellow Pages Scam' and according to the Better Business Bureau of the eastern part of our state, the scam begins when an invoice is sent to a business.

That invoice appears to be a listing in the Yellow Pages, but is actually a solicitation to list the business in an alternate directory--one that may never be published at all.

Another version of the Yellow Pages Scam regards callers who claim they wish to update a company's entry in an online directory.

Just for answering the request for a so-called update, a bill containing hundreds of dollars is sent to the business for listing services it never agreed to.

Bear in mind, the Yellow Pages name and the 'walking fingers logo' is not trademarked, nor affliated with the renowned phone directory. Scammers are able to use both items to make their trickery appear credible.

If your business has fell victim to the Yellow Pages Scam, contact your local Better Business Bureau, or file a complaint online at