Blackbeard Artifacts On Display At NC History Museum In New Bern

A new exhibit on display in New Bern is filled with treasures and artifacts that will take you back 300 years to the time of pirates.

Cannon balls, a wine bottle and tools are on display at the North Carolina History Museum from Blackbeard's ship.

The traveling exhibit includes artifacts recovered from Queen Anne's Revenge, the infamous pirate's wrecked flagship.

Craig Ramey from Tryon Palace says a portrait of Queen Anne is also on display. Ramey says, "This portrait is of Queen Anne and it's from our own collection here at the Tryon Palace. It has only been on display one other time in the last 10-years, so this is something that people who might have gone to this exhibit in other towns might not have seen before. We brought this out especially for this. We thought it was fitting since the name of Blackbeard's ship was Queen Anne's Revenge and we have her portrait."

The exhibit will be in New Bern through February 15th.

Admission is included with the regular cost of admission to Tryon Palace.