Black History Report: Banquet Honors Med Students

Members of the Brody School of Medicine and the Student National Medical Association recently gathered to honor and encourage a group of soon to be college graduates.

It was the 30th annual senior recognition banquet at the East Carolina Heart Center in Greenville.

Co-chair Rochelle Smith says, "The banquet serves to honor graduating fourth year minority medical students here at the Brody School of Medicine."

The banquet was the brainchild of Dr. Andrew A. Best.

Smith says, "He was a pivotal part of the community in Greenville for more than 30, 40 years, he helped increase the number of minority physicians in the area"

Soon to be doctors like Korsica Lassiter says she knew exactly why she wanted a career in medicine. She says, "This is a severely under served population and that if I can do something for my community by going into medicine it was a perfect choice for me."

Next Wednesday's report takes a look at a new road marker in Manteo honoring freed slaves from our country that left the U.S. and started the country of Liberia.