Black Bear Causes Headache For Residents In Tyrrell County

A black bear is being blamed for some trouble in one Eastern Carolina county that includes turning over trash cans and damaging a car over the course of two days.

Tyrrell County Sheriff Darryl Liverman responded to a 911 call Saturday about the bear causing damage on Old U.S. 64. When Liverman arrived he said he found evidence that a bear had turned trash cans over and had taken a wheel cover off a car parked at the residence.

On Sunday, Sheriff Liverman responded to another call at the same residence. Liverman found that the bear had broken a window on a car that belonged to the Town of Nags Head. Bear prints could be seen on the car.

N. C. Wildlife Officials were contacted and stated that the bear was
probably looking for food. Officials say that citizens are urged not to put food in trashcans at this time of the year.