Black Bear And Cubs Spotted In Winterville Neighborhood

A Winterville couple is a little on edge after finding a mama bear and her cubs in a tree behind their house.

Jessica and Matthew Hanson live on Pine Drive in the Rosewood neighborhood of Winterville. They say their dogs were barking a lot on Saturday night when they had friends over for a barbecue, but they didn't think much of it at the time.

Little did they know, the dogs had spotted a bear and two cubs up in a tree. The couple eventually saw the bear Sunday morning.

Jessica Hanson told us that Pitt County deputies have been to their neighborhood twice, telling people not to bother the animal and to keep their distance. She also said the game warden came out to assess the situation.

The couple told us the bear has been in the tree for over 12 hours, and it looks like it's about 450 pounds. They say the cubs are bigger than their 50-pound Border Collie dog.