Bird Experts Try To Figure Out Dead Pelican Mystery On NC Beaches

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Its a mystery that has reoccurred every year since 2010. Hundreds of mutilated pelicans are washing up on our shores.

Nearly 350 violently injured pelicans were found washed ashore on Topsail Island back in 2010, and volunteers and experts say this spring 30 birds were found dead or seriously injured on beaches.

Locals say the sight is disturbing to visitors and people who live here, and learning the injuries could be intentional is even worse.

"Horrible, horrible wounds meaning a lot of force had to go on. It couldn't be a simple they caught their wing in a gust of wind. I don't think it would snap that badly. Its like an explosion goes off in their wing," said Toni O'Neil of Possumwood Acres.

Officials have never learned who could be hurting the birds. If you have any information, call police.