Bill To Restore Pension Increases For Military Retirees Passes First Hurdle

The House voted Tuesday in favor of a bill that would restore pension increases to hundreds of thousands of military retirees.

Legislators voted 326 to 90 to undo cuts to cost-of-living hikes for military pensions for all current retirees and anyone who enlisted before January 1st.

The Senate is expected to vote on the matter Wednesday.

The vote comes after a December deal to fund the federal government led Congress to trim cost-of-living raises for military retirees, starting in 2015.

The move was expected to save the government more than $6 billion, but meant about 750,000 retirees would see their pensions shrink.

A Congressional Research Service Report released in February says enlisted members would lose an average of $69,000 over their lifetime with the planned cuts.