Best Friends, Occy The Dog & Biggie The Duck

Typically, dog is man's best friend. But in this case, dog is duck's best friend.

Occy the dog and his feathered friend Biggie the duck , are inseparable at their Atlantic Beach home.

You'll see them napping together, they'll eat grass together, they'll swim together. They do everything together.

Owner Frances Marsh says the friendship began about three years ago when Occy was just a pup and Biggie was a duckling..

Marsh says, "I honestly thought Biggie would hurt Occy the dog at first because Occy was so young, he was just a puppy, so I wasn't worried one bit and then the older they got they kept playing the exact same and Occy was super gentle."

The pair love playing behind Marsh's Surf Shop in Atlantic Beach, and have become quite the popular duo.

Marsh says, "Most of the time when people see them playing they'll pass by here on their boats and they'll stop and take a picture or video . I'm so used to it I don't realize it's odd, but apparently it is."

So odd in fact, Biggie doesn't realize he's a duck.

Marsh says, "He definitely thinks he's a dog. He wont even eat duck food, he eats the dog's food and drinks out of the dog's bowl."

And now Biggie is just part of the family.

Marsh says, "I thought he would just join the other ducks behind the shop in the creek, but once he became part of the family, he became like a dog and didn't want to join the ducks and now he just lives with us and he's just part of our crew."

And she says, "Once they're worn out, you can come back here and Biggie will be sitting on top of Occy. They'll just be hanging out."

Marsh says they don't even need adult supervision, they can be trusted to play nice while they're home alone.