Bertie County Tornado Victim: "Quick Action & Prayer Saved Our Lives"

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The devastation in the town of Colerain in Bertie County is something even fire chief Milton Felton couldn't believe when he saw it. "I didn't think it would be this devastating. I saw this twister from my house and I started riding and I was on another road and found people pinned up under the house."

Off Highway 42 in Colerain two homes hit by the tornado were left unrecognizable. Only a quarter of a mile away the Whitley family had a different story. Rob Whitley says, "My wife said let's get under the front stairs and I looked out the front window and there was a pretty big funnel cloud and I said no let's get under the house."

That quick decision and some prayer according Whitley is what saved his family of four. "I had all four of us to pray and we just asked for the Lord's protection and it's aside from the damage look at what's left and we are thankful for that."

Emergency crews say they will be out throughout the evening Sunday making sure everyone is accounted for and cleaning up debris.