Bertie County's 1st Charter School Causing Budget Concerns

The first ever charter school in Bertie County will provide options to parents who send their kids to public school, but not everyone is happy about it.

The Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy of Bertie County plans to open in 2014. It will serve kindergarten through 8th grades. The Bertie County superintendent sent a letter about concerns regarding the school to the N.C. Board of Education opposing the approval of the school saying the school would pull $1.2 million of state dollars and $280,000 of county money from the district. Plus, they say the charter school will not provide anymore than what the district already provides.
The charter's founder disagrees.

"We need something that will give students an opportunity to have equal access to the level of training that will put them on the path to college, and that what our charter school will be doing," said Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy Founder Kashi Nelson.

Charter school leaders will be at the Uplift Academy building in Windsor at 11:00 a.m. Saturday for an informational session so parents can learn more about the school's curriculum that will include students learning Chinese, Mandarin and Spanish.