Beloved Actor Returns To NBC With "The Michael J. Fox Show"

(NBC News) Michael J. Fox is returning to NBC with the premiere of "The Michael J. Fox Show".

It's been more than a decade since he's had a regular presence on network television, due in large part to his battle with Parkinson's disease.

It's forced some adjustments.

"When I act, I don't have the same facilities I had before, I don't have the same ease of movement,
I don't have the same ease of expression," Fox explains.

The condition forced Fox to leave his series "Spin City" back in 2000, but in recent years, medication allowed him to relaunch his career with guest starring roles.

Fox will play a newscaster also resuming his career despite Parkinson's. Many of the scenes, especially at home, are inspired by Fox's own family. He says the series doesn't make fun of Parkinson's, but shows a guy refusing to hide from it.

"You just have to accept it and incorporate it into your life and if you have a loving full life, it'll just be a part of it," he explains. "It'll be one of the colors in the palette."

"The Michael J. Fox show" premieres next Thursday night at 9pm Eastern...with two back-to-back episodes. Beginning the following week, it'll air at 9:30pm, right after "Sean Saves The World" and just before "Parenthood".