Bed Bugs Cost Martin County Assisted Living Home $100,000

An assisted living facility in Martin County has spent more than $100,000 to get rid of bed bugs this summer.

Vintage Inn is an independent assisted living facility in Williamston home to 90 senior citizens.

The senior care vice president of the facility says it had its first problem with bed bugs in June, after an employee noticed them in 2 rooms.

It's unclear how the bed bugs got into the building, but Martin County health inspectors say bed bugs can be brought in on people and furniture.

"I think everybody needs to realize that bed bugs are here to stay. It's not do you have them, it's when are you going to get them. They do not translate any type of disease. In other words, they simply feed on your blood. The bite is similar to a mosquito bite," said Mitchell Patrick with the Martin County Health Department.

The facility says, it decided to have the entire building steamed. The cleaning process is expected to be complete in about 2 weeks. The health department says it will continue to come in and inspect the building every few weeks.