Beaufort County Lifts Boil Water Advisory

The Beaufort County Water Department has cancelled their boil water alert. Water in the area is safe to drink and no longer requires boiling before consumption.

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The Beaufort County Water Department has issued a boil water alert for Beaufort County Northside in Districts 1 and 2. They advise for residents to vigorously boil all water used for human consumption.

District 1 areas affected are those within the Washington Township service area and includes customers on U.S. Highway 264 west of Page Rd. extending to the Pitt County line, customers on Cherry Run Rd., U.S. Highway 17 North, NC Highway 171 North, and Market Street Extension extending to the Martin County Line.

District 2 areas affected include Cherry Road from Market Street to Singleton Road, Singleton Road, Keyesville Road, Corsica Road, Southwind Drive, Della Lane, Cherry Road Estates, Slatestone
Road from 612 Slatestone Road to the intersection with Corsica Road and any feeder roads to the above named roads.

According to a spokesperson for the water department, "[Water consumers] Are experiencing or have experienced periods of low pressure and outages in the distribution system due to equipment failure."

They say this increases "the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system."

The advisory is in effect until further notice.