Update: Sheriff Jordan Makes His Endorsement Known

Beaufort County Sheriff Alan Jordan tells WITN that he will not seek re-election when his term expires in 2014.

Sheriff Jordan was elected to his fourth term back in 2010.

He tells WITN it has been a privilege to serve, but wants to spend more quality time with his wife who has been battling a rare health issue in recent years.

Sheriff Jordan has spent 30-years in public service. He tells WITN he is endorsing Captain Russell Davenport in his department to be his successor. Jordan says, "I've never had the pleasure with working with anybody with better work ethic than Captain Davenport. He is very passionate about the job and that enthusiasm he has is just contagious."

He also says he will likely continue to work in some fashion following his retirement as sheriff, but something that is less demanding that will allow him more time with his wife, who he says has always been extremely supportive of his career.