Beaufort County Says Private Road Is A Hazard, Orders Family To Fix It Or Go To Court

A Beaufort County family has fourteen days to drastically improve the conditions of their privately owned road, otherwise, the county plans to take them to court.

The road in question is Mary Street in Harris Acre Park in Beaufort County.

Emergency Management director John Pack says a couple of weeks ago, an ambulance was damaged driving on the road, and plenty of other vehicles have had issues in the past.

Don Petralia says a couple of years ago, it took an ambulance 15 minutes to get to his home, which is just 8 tenths of a mile away.

Co-owner Susan Harris wouldn't speak on camera, but she had a crew working on the road Wednesday evening.

She says heavy traffic and changing weather make the road difficult to maintain, and says she feels the homeowners are equally responsible for the road's upkeep.