Beaufort County Residents Begin Cleanup After Confirmed Tornadoes

An EF-3 tornado was confirmed in the Whichards Beach Road area of Beaufort County Friday night.

Authorities say 16 people were taken to the emergency room and 200 homes were either heavily damaged or destroyed.

94-year-old Essie Floyd was asleep in her bed on Highway 264 in Washington when the tornado came barreling toward her home.

“The trailer started to roll and rolled her out of bed and threw her on the ground up in front of the trailer outside of it,” said Eric Wilson, Floyd’s grandson.

Late in the night rescue crews found Floyd outside her home and in a field and rushed her to the emergency room. Floyd’s grandson says he's thankful she survived with only a couple cuts and a broken wrist

“She's a feisty old lady she was giving the doctors a fit this morning so that tells me she's doing okay,” said Wilson

About three miles away at the Moody Mart on River Road, security cameras caught the moment the tornado ripped through Pamlico Village.

“You feel the wind but to actually see it turning was absolutely amazing,” said Darryl Cox about the storm.

Nearly 12 hours later, electrical crews were still repairing power lines and clearing trees the tornado knocked down.

On Asbury Church Road folks were picking up glass from the front window of this home that was shattered from the winds.

Lola Parker remembers being knocked to her knees when the tornado hit.

“Before I could get to the door I heard glass breaking andI turn and look and there was my dining room window blowing out,” said Parker.