Beaufort Co. Neighbors Want Hurricane Irene Damaged Home Removed

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Some people in Wade's Point in Beaufort County say they're dealing with an eyesore caused by Hurricane Irene in the fall of 2011, and the county needs to move the home quickly. A mobile home on the riverfront has been damaged for 16 months, according to neighbors on both sides. The out-of-state owner is looking to sell the property, but in the meantime a few residents want the place condemned and taken down and are getting frustrated with how long that's taking.

"In August was the last I heard from the county, and they said they had begun the condemnation proceedings and it would be taken care of shortly. That was in August," said neighbor Ed Histed.

"The building is already condemned actually, and once we condemn the building then we've got to have a hearing with the owners," said Beaufort County Building Inspector Brandon Hayes

Hayes says they have to take extra time with this case not only because the owner is out of state, but also because Beaufort County had so much clean up to do after Irene.