Beaufort County Making Plans For New Jail

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Overcrowded, outdated, and dangerous- that's how government officials and law enforcement are describing a jail in Beaufort County, as they make plans for a new facility.

Captain Catrena Ross says the Beaufort County detention center is 40 years old, and at 90 inmates, is so over crowded that it's become a security risk to her officers. She says if a serious incident ever did occur, she wouldn't be surprised.

"I wait for that phone call, in all actuality, I wait for that phone call, but I've got good officers, and so far we' ve been able to pull it off." said Captain Catrena Ross with the Beaufort Co. Detention Center

Tuesday night Beaufort County Commissioners met to discuss different options for a new jail. They're still debating over the specifics such as the number of beds, size of the building, and where it would be located.