DEPUTIES: Empty Trailer Fronted For Aurora Meth Lab

It may have looked abandoned but on the inside, deputies in Beaufort County said a parked trailer was actually housing an active meth lab.

Investigators told WITN they had been keeping an eye on the trailer at 324 Dublin Run Road in Aurora.

On Tuesday, deputies said they stopped 36-year-old Michael Myers and 29-year-old Tammy Carawan to question them.

Deputies said they found both marijuana and meth in the car the pair was driving.

Once they took a look inside the trailer, investigators said they found evidence of previously cooked "one-pot meth," plus evidence it would be made again in the same spot.

Both Myers and Carawan were arrested. Each is now facing charges of possession of meth an marijuana plus manufacturing meth.

Deputies said both were put in jail under no bond.

The State Bureau of Investigation was also called in to assist in the investigation and clean up of the toxic drug-making materials. Beaufort County Detention Center under no bond.