Beaufort County Center That Helps Those With Mental Disabilities To Remain Open

A program that offers assistance to residents with mental health disabilities has found a way to stay open after being on the verge of having to shutdown.

Medicaid funded Lifequest Incorporated of Washington was on the verge of being closed down last month.

East Carolina Behavioral Health, the organization that manages the program, overturned that decision.

For eight years Lifequest has helped people with mental health disabilities learn life skills and overcome daily challenges. Program director Adam Congelton says after they appealed to ECBH October 30th they received a letter Monday saying they would be allowed to continue operating as long as they make some changes.

Congelton says, "They helped us identify some areas of improvement. We do have a chance to do a plan of correction now and we will have a follow up with ECBH and we anticipate implementing this plan of correction and that going smoothly."

Congleton says over the past few weeks when they believed they would close they lost 20 clients and had to let go of three staff members. They are now working to get the staff and the clients back.